The Bullnose Morris Club/Black Cat Rally Visit

The Bullnose Morris Club/Black Cat Rally Visit

Event Details
Date(s) - Sunday 04 August 2019
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Needham Green
Hatfield Broad Oak
CM22 7JT

Every year a group of vintage Bullnose Morris cars take part in a rally in Essex. We are delighted to be the completion venue for this year’s annual event.

Come along and see these stunning vehicles at the farm.  They will be displayed in our car park by our play area fencing.

The owners are all members of The Bullnose Morris Club. One of the best known & most readily recognised vintage cars, these are a few of the 381 to survive out of the total production of 154,224 Bullnoses (1913-1926). There will also be one early MG (the marque which came from Morris Garages).

A reputation for quality and annual cuts in price saw the ‘Bullnose’ established as Britain’s most popular car. Sold under the slogan “Buy British & be Proud of it” a Bullnose was “the zenith of economical motoring for two persons”. Morris increased their share of the British market overtaking Ford to become the UK’s biggest car manufacturer.