Ever wanted to go self-sufficient? Here’s your chance to give it a try!

The Good Life is a new board game for the whole family to enjoy with loads of fun and useful facts for players of any age.With over 50 question cards in the box, you’ll learn the ins and outs of sustainable living and our impact on the planet, as you make your way around the board. The best part? You can put your new-found knowledge to use in the real world, so you can start living more sustainably too!

Use your wheelbarrow to move around the board. On the way collect and trade fruit, vegetables, pigs and chickens. The winner is the first to fill their garden and allotment to become 100% self-sufficient. Seems simple? It is. But the ‘Green Fingers’ cards can turn up unexpected twists and turns.

You’ll have to protect your chickens from foxes, buy and sell your crops and livestock at the village fair and the animal market. But be careful! You’ll have to avoid drought, bird flu and your animals escaping.

The Good Life is available in our farm shop for £29.95.