We are really pleased to introduce a new selection of English cheeses to our farm shop and with this introduction, we thought we would pass on a little background to tickle your taste buds!

Brighton Blue – This cheese has a slightly open, semi-soft texture, a mellow blue flavour and a slightly salty finish. The distinctive blue green veins in the cheese (created by penicillium roqueforti) deepen as the cheese matures, and the taste of the blue becomes stronger. During maturation, the wheels develop their own attractive natural edible rind.

Sussex Slipcote – A fresh soft organic sheep milk cheese, with a light creamy fluffy texture and a slightly sharp refreshing flavour, without a strong taste. Slipcote is a traditional word meaning “little (slip) and cottage (cote) cheese.

Sussex Marble – A semi soft creamy cheese and is based on Saint Giles. Once matured, the whole cheeses are gently broken up and then infused with fresh natural garlic and herbs, before being re-pressed. This creates a very creamy, buttery texture and a medium strength garlic flavour.

Halloumi – A salty brined cheese, originally from the Mediterranean. Traditionally made from sheep milk (but now most imported cheese is made from cow milk) it is great dry fried or grilled to a golden brown and served with salads or in a stir fry.

Most cheeses are best tasted when they have come up to room temperature, so take your cheeses out approximately 1 ½ hours before you intend to eat it. (The exception to this is the Sussex Slipcote which only requires a maximum of half an hour out before consuming.)

To really savour your cheese, use your senses – feel its texture, smell the flavour and taste it by rolling it around so it touches the roof of your mouth where taste receptors are located.

Pair with your favourite red wine or nibbles, gather some friends and family around, and enjoy!