After a year off we are all pleased to see the welcome return of the Wimbledon tournament! As Andy Murray, Serena Williams et al take to the courts it really feels like the British summer has begun (even if nobody told the weather!).

Strawberries have been synonymous with Wimbledon ever since anyone can remember as the peak of the strawberry season coincides with the worlds greatest tennis tournament.  They were first served to tennis spectators back in the late 19th century when they were viewed as a luxury item. Wimbledon will serve around 28 tonnes of strawberries during the tournament which equates to around 200,000 bowls of strawberries and cream.

Today they are an everyday luxury accessible to all. Of course, the strawberries served at Wimbledon are picked daily and are the freshest they can be just like the strawberries here at the farm where you either PYO or buy them ready picked in our farm shop. We also stock some fantastic Jersey cream from Longley Farm and our fabulous homemade meringues to make them an extra special treat.

Book your slot to PYO or just pop into the farm shop and make sure you have a bowl of strawberries to accompany your Wimbledon viewing!