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About our berries…

Here at Cammas Hall we have a range of strawberry varieties to make sure we have enough fruit throughout the PYO season!

Our strawberries are in season from June to October thanks to the many varieties growing here at the farm! We have…

🍓 Sonata Strawberries - a unique variety of strawberry that is known for its sweetness and juiciness. These berries are a deep red colour, with a slightly elongated shape. They are perfect for snacking on their own, or for adding to your favourite recipes. These are available from June- July.

🍓 Malling Allure - this variety is known for its large size and sweet flavour, these berries are a bit lighter in colour and perfect for eating, they are also often used in jam making. These are summer fruiting, typically over 5 weeks from July to August.

🍓 Malwina Strawberries - known for its deep red colour and juiciness, these strawberries are often used for making jams and preserves, as well as for snacking, baking and making desserts. They are also a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants. These fruit from July- August

🍓 Murano - these bright red berries are available from June to October. Rated excellent in flavour, making these the perfect snack!

🍓 Sweet Eve - known for their delicious taste and versatility in recipes. They are also high in vitamin C and antioxidants, making them a healthy snack option. Sweet Eves fruit from June until the first frost making them our longest fruiting variety! We keep them undercover at the farm to keep them fruiting consistently and out of harm from the elements!

That’s a lot of berries!

You’re probably wondering what to do with all of these strawberries?

We suggest making Jam!


🍓 1KG strawberries

🍓 750g Jam sugar (you can buy this at the farm shop)

🍓 Juice of one lemon


1) Toss all of the strawberries in the jam sugar, cover and leave them over night. In the morning tip them into a preserve pan or a heavy based saucepan with the lemon juice and slowly bring to the boil to allow all of the sugar crystals to dissolve.

2) Boil for 10-15 mins, skimming as it boils, until the jam has reached 105C. Grab a plate and spoon a little of the jam onto it, leave for 30 seconds then draw a line through the jam with your finger. If the jam doesn’t flood back and fill the gap straight away it is ready. If it’s not quite ready pop it back on the heat and boil for a couple of minutes.

3) Add a knob of butter to make the jam clearer.

4) Leave the jam to sit off the heat for 15 mins so that the fruit doesn’t sink when you put it in the jars. During this time wash the jars and lids in warm water and place on a baking tray, heat them in the oven at 180 for 5-8 mins. This will sterilise your jars.

5) Take the jars out of the oven and ladle the jam into the jars whilst they are warm using a funnel to keep it from spilling down the sides. Seal with wax paper and pop some pretty fabric on top of the lid, secure with some ribbon and keep up to 1 year! 🍓

You can purchase our jam making kits at the farm shop post strawberry picking!

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