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In praise of the humble gooseberry! Available to PYO for a short time only.

We currently have strawberries and gooseberries available for PYO at the farm and there’s no doubt which is the most popular fruit! So we thought it only right that we put in a word for the humble gooseberry. They need a little more love and attention than other fruits but treat them right and they can make something delicious that epitomises the taste of a British summer.

We won’t lie, all that topping and tailing makes them a bit of a faff to prepare but very rewarding, so it makes sense to put in the extra effort. Don’t be afraid, get the kids involved and introduce them to something new. They are packed with Vitamin C which surely makes up for the fact that you might have to add a bit of sugar or cream to get them to shine!

If you’re going to bite the bullet and pick a few alongside your strawberries while your visiting, then there are no shortage of recipes online for inspiration. We’ve collected a few of them on our Pinterest page so please take a look.

Gooseberries will only be available for another week or two so make sure you book now to visit!

Happy picking!

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