Seasonal Produce

The PYO is now closed for 2021. Thank you for your custom and we’ll see you all again next season!

From June to October we grow a range of seasonal produce on the farm, most of which is available for PYO. A chart showing the approximate availability can be viewed at the bottom of this page.  Please note that it is sometimes necessary for us to close a crop at short notice. We are always committed to bringing you the highest quality produce.

If you would like to place an order (collection only) for an event please email us at

We are closed on Mondays (except Bank Holidays).



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We grow a wide selection of ready picked pumpkins here at Cammas Hall Farm so there’s something for everyone.  Whilst they are great for your Halloween lantern they can also be turned into delicious pies, curries and soupsView our Pumpkin recipes

Price: £0.90 / kg


Varieties Grown: Celebration, Harlequin, Festival, Sombra, Kabucha, Casperita, Sunshine
We have grown a range of edible squash which taste delicious. At only £1.50 each or or 4 for £5 why not buy a selection for eating and for decoration.

Price: £1.50 each or 4 for £5.00


Varieties Grown: Sturon
One of the most widely cultivated and used vegetables, the delicious but modest onion can be found in the kitchen all around the globeView our Onion recipes

Price Ready Picked: £2.25/ kg
Price PYO: £1.25 / kg  


 Varieties Grown: Early Bird, Mainstay, Seville, Conqueror
Delicious when eaten fresh or on the BBQ with a generous knob of butter, when ripe, the beautiful yellow kernels are sweet and juicy. Sweetcorn will stay fresher for longer if kept in its green husk. View our Sweetcorn recipes

Price Ready Picked: 0.80/cob or 7 for £5
Price PYO: 70p/cob


Varieties Grown: Summer Fruiting – Sonata, Late Summer Fruiting – Evie, Murano

A summers day would not be complete without these succulent, fragrant and juicy fruits. Enjoy on their own, with cream or ice-cream or as a delicious addition to a cheeky glass of bubbly! View our Strawberry recipes

Price Ready Picked: £ 7.50/ kg

Price PYO: £5.45 / kg – Please only pick ripe strawberries and supervise young children closely.


Varieties Grown: Obsidian, Loch Ness, Chester
Deep purple in colour and plump in appearance, these sweet yet tart fruits are bursting with flavour and are wonderful in crumbles, pies, jam, sauces or just as they areView our Blackberry recipes

Price Ready Picked: £12.00 / kg
Price PYO: £7.75 / kg


Now closed for PYO.  Our stunning sunflowers are available to purchase from our farm shop. 

Freshly cut every morning from our sunflower meadows here at Cammas Hall Farm, how can you not raise a smile when these bright, sunny, cheery flowers are beaming back at you!

Price: £1 each or 7 for £5
Also available ready picked in our farm shop.


 Varieties Grown: Duke, Earlblue, Bluecrop, Liberty, Aurora, Brigitta

One of nature’s superfoods, blueberries are sweet, nutritious and bursting with health benefits. We love them in fluffy pancakes. View our Blueberry recipes

Price Ready Picked: £15.60 / kg
Price PYO: £8.45 / kg


Varieties Grown: Glen Ample
These popular and wonderfully intense tasting little fruits are delicious to eat, freeze well and are just wonderful in desserts, sauces and jamsView our Raspberry recipes

Price Ready Picked: £14.00 / kg
Price PYO: £8.45 / kg


Varieties Grown: Glen Alder
These sharp tasting, juicy little berries are packed full of nutrients and goodness. We can recommend making your own cordial to add to gin, vodka or prosecco (or just to drink on it’s own!)View our Blackcurrant recipes

Price Ready Picked: £11.20 / kg
Price PYO: £6.75 / kg


Varieties Grown:  Invicta
With its sweet and slightly tart flavour the gooseberry is an excellent accompaniment to oily fish and delivers up all its flavour in cordials, jams, jellies and puddings. View our Gooseberry recipes

Price Ready Picked: £6.50 / kg
Price PYO: £4.95 / kg



Varieties Grown: Merchant, Summer Sun, Kordia, Sweetheart, Regina, Penny
Delicious in pies, sauces, ice-cream or just as a scrumptious snack, cherries were introduced to Britain by the Romans in the first century AD and are one of the most beautiful spring flowering trees in the British Isles. View our Cherry recipes

Price Ready Picked: 11.55 / kg
Price PYO: 10.25 / kg

The chart  shows the approximate seasons for each of our produce items. Please always check for availability before visiting to avoid disappointment.